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Annabelle (2014), Terror Of The Doll Which Possessed By Ghosts

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Johnny Gordon, a man aged 47 years old, finding a perfect doll for his pregnant wife, Mia. The doll name is Annabelle, a beautiful and rare vintage doll which wearing white wedding dress. Mia who is prepare everything for the birth of her baby, feels very happy to receive the doll. But, Mia's fun moments together with Annabelle did not last long. On a dark and fateful night, Mia hear people who creep into their homes. She woke John up and they leave the house, but didn't find anything. Apparently, the intruders had entered their home. Their house was attacked by a group of Satanists who violently attacked the couple. (See also: Full Synopsis of Jessabelle (2014), The Terror of the Evil Spirit from the Past)

"I like the dolls," said a woman Satanists in front of Mia.

Mia felt fear and retreat slowly. But, behind her there is a man who ambushed her and tried to stab her with a knife. Mia screamed hysterically, John came to the rescue. In the commotion, women attackers were killed because punctured. She was killed with Annabelle on her lap. Blood spilled and dripped into the eyes of Annabelle.

After the attack, Mia had trauma and must often consult with the pastor. They moved house and start a new life at home with their newborn child. Mia bring Annabelle to a new home and at the same time bring a creepy catastrophe.

A more sinister crimes have been raised, far worse than demons that live in the body Annabelle. It is threatening the lives of John, Mia and her newborn.

The ghost of a woman who died at home before penetrated in the body of Annabelle. The ghost with long-haired woman and dressed in white curls walks in their homes, disrupt their children so often cry. Not only that, while sewing, Mia terrorized by fire. She fell and something pulled her hardly. He tried to discuss this terror with her husband, but her husband didn't initially believe.

She consulted with a paranormal woman and said there was a ghost woman who trapped in her house. Terror intensifly worsen, her son locked in the room and when Mia tried to peek under the door, Annabelle suddenly appeared under the door and looked at her. Another incident, baby carriage walked alone into the street and almost hit by a passing truck.

A pastor trying to help Mia and her family. The pastor brought the doll Annabelle for safekeeping, but the ghost of a woman followed him. Over time, the ghost of a woman in her house getting bolder terrorized. A little boy suddenly appeared. When Mia asks "Who are you?" The little boy ran up to her and suddenly turned into a ghost of a woman who was covered in blood.

So what happens next? Please watch Annabelle movies in cinemas.

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Annabelle (2014) Movie Credit

Title: Annabelle
Directed by: John R. Leonetti
Screenwriter: Gary Dauberman
Stars: Annabelle Wallis (Mia Gordon), Ward Horton (John Gordon), Alfre Woodard (Evelyn), Eric Ladin (Detective Clarkin), Brian Howe (Pete Higgins) and Tony Amendola (Father Perez)
Cinematography: James Kniest
Music: Joseph Bishara
Production / Distribution: New Line Cinema, Atomic Monster, The Safran Company / Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: October 3, 2014
Country / language: USA / English


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